The Rise of Russian Cosmism


OUTPUT: Translating Robots and Human Movers Across Platforms in a Sequentially Improvised Performance


Living With Robots


Is There A Place In Human Consciousness Where Surveillance Can't Go?

A Co-Lab On Developing Cyborg Arts


3D Opera

After Darkness”: Southeast Asian contemporary art at Asia Society, New York

An Artist Run Non-Profit Helps Open Up Myanmar To Contemporary Art


"Hansel & Gretel”: the art of surveillance by Herzog and de Meuron with Ai Weiwei in New York

A Brief History of Contemporary Art In Myanmar

"Brain Opera" Performance Arts Journal (PAJ)

“Voice of the Thunder Dragon”: Bhutanese contemporary art in New York City

The Selected Letters of John Cage

From Slut Shaming to Systemic Racism, Indie Opera Tackles Timely Issues

Watching Election Results Roll In While Surrounded by Political Art

Rebooting a Landmark Series of Art and Technology Collaborations

The Prescient Work of an Artist Killed on 9/11

Paying Tribute to Moholy-Nagy with a Concert of Light and Sound

1,588-Foot-Tall Artwork Lights Up a Political Inferno in Hong Kong

Resurrecting the First VR Installation to Cross the Atlantic

Binging on Selfies and Regurgitating Money: The Best of Hong Kong's Art Fair Week

A New Hong Kong Museum Exposes China’s Censored Memories (Part 2)

A New Hong Kong Museum Confronts the Difficult History of Chinese Contemporary Art (Part 1)

After Decades of Silence, Myanmar's Artists Have A Chance To Speak

The Postcolonial Artist Who Founded Minimalism Before the Americans

At a Hanoi Prison Museum, A History Too Painful to Aestheticize

The brain as site-specific surveillant performative space

An Artist Persists In Syria in a Time of War

Complex and Gnarly Subjects at a Hong Kong Art Festival

Yoko Ono Finally Gets the Solo She Deserves

What China Doesn’t Want You to See: The Beijing Film Festival Comes to New York

Before the Fame: Yoko Ono's Early Years In New York

The Emergence of Video Processing Tools, Vol 1 & 2, Review

Human Performers and Toddler-Sized Robots, Dancing Side By Side

Listening Is the New Performing

I, Cyborg

Fantasy and Utopia In the Metropolitan Museum's Fashion Show

In Plains Indians exhibition Met Museum favors beauty over context

Under Western Influence, Tibetan Artists Turn to Identity Politics

In Vietnam Contemplating the Future of Contemporary Art

The Polyglot Lineage of Vietnamese Propaganda Art

The Complex Tale of Vietnamese Modernism

Shifting Tensions In Vietnamese Contemporary Art - A Brief History

A Tibetan Artist’s Political Pop

The Rise and Fall and Rise Again of a Chair by Le Corbusier

Artistic Revelations From Southeast Asia

Art Basel Hong Kong On the Verge - Part 2

Art Basel Hong Kong On the Verge - Part 1

The Sound of Two Borders Dissolving -

Transmediale Festival Shuts Down NSA Imitators

250 Artists Participate In Hong Kong Fontanian Open Studios

A Performance Artist's Tribute To Nelson Mandela

A Broken Word Opera

All Style, No Substance:Williamsburg in 3D

The Quirky Invincibility of Mr.Dead and Mrs Free

The Mordant Absence of Sopie Calle

Timeless Amniotic Bubble: William Basinski's analogue noise

Zhang Huan's Painterly Buddhism

Nicky Nodjoumi: Ghosts From Iran's Past

Russia Tiptoes Into New Media -

The Propeller Group Lands In New York

Participating In Sound Interacting With Noise

A Tale of Two Phoenixes

The Power Behind the Mask

DJ Spooky's Civil War Symphony

Everything Old Is New Again: Native Americans and the New York School

The Alchemical Innovators of Post-War Japan

Low-Key Independent Art Fair Has Little Bite

Isha: A Tell-All Tale

Revealing the Hidden Truths of the Financial World Through Art

The End of Fun In Russia

A Report From Cyberfest: Russia's New Media Festival

Telematic Touch and Go- Leonardo Electronic Almanac

David Blaine - Performance Artist Or Poseur?

What's Wrong With Technological Art VS. The Maker Faire

The Light Bulb Moment - Eclipse Debuts In New BAM Space

The Long Strange Art and Life Of Yayoi Kusama

Even In a Digital Universe You Should Keep Things Simple

The Spare, Profound Inventiveness of an Almost Forgotten Sculptor and Other Queens Discoveries

Ai Weiwei: "Never Retreat, ReTweet"

Digital Homage to the Old Masters

Analogue's Last Gasp

The Wonders of The Human Brain

Being Cindy: Cindy Sherman at MOMA NY

The Ungovernables Flips the Bird

When New York Was Really Happening

More Radical In China

Adrift In Shanghai's Sin City

You, Me, and the DMZ

Contemporary Art In Asia A Critical Reader by Melissa Chiu and Benjamin Genocchio, Editors

A Tale of Two Cities: Istanbul Biennial and Istanbul Modern

New York's Festival of Ideas For A New City, With A Keynote by Jaron Lanier

Festival of Ideas Animates a Gentrified Bowery

Interface Criticism: Aesthetics Beyond Buttons by Christian Ulrik Andersen & Soren Pold, Editors

"Stamps and Beats" Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg: The Letters - Edited by Bill Morgan and David Stanford Viking Press

"Contemporary Chinese Art, Primary Documents" by Wu Hung, published by MOMA, NY Leonardo Reviews

Ultimate Synaesthesia" Brian Eno's 77 Million Paintings at the Glenbow Museum

"POWEr: Electronics Absorbing into The Air", A Performance by Alexandre Burton and Julien RoyAlberta College of Art and Design(ACAD)

UpStage 101010

Qiu Jhijie at Ullens Center, Beijing, Sculpture Magazine

Ko Siu Lan at Paris Beijing Gallery

SUBLIMINAL SEDUCTION - Bora Yoon and Luke DuBoise at Roulette

Tomato Grey - Hong Kong Diaspora Artists in New York

Kathy Bruce, Ritual Renewal Sculpture Magazine

Sitting Bull S*** Ken Monkman at the Glenbow Museum

Asia Art Pacific Magazine On Location Ulaanbaatar


Yishu Magazine - Journal of Chinese Contemporary Art -  1989: 365 Art Days in China and Germany

Navin Rawanchaikul, Super China! 

Art 21 PBS - Some Thoughts On China + Transformation 

Letter From Beijing Dragon Eats Tail China's Post-Olympic Conundrum 

Letter From Ulan Bator

Ellen K. Levy Stealing Attention Decoding Metaphors For the 21st Century

The Third Mind American Artists Contemplate Asia 1860-1989

Electronic Media Performing Arts Center

Cai Guo-Qiang In Conversation

Photography A World To Warhol 

Railing Opinion Mao Is Like So Over 

Art and Chinas Revolution

Swoon Swimming Cities of Switchback Sea 

Performa 07

The Rape of the Sabine Women by Eve Sussman 

Xu Bing in Conversation 

Zhang Huan Altered States 

Letter From China 

Lost Gravity the Photographs and Performances of Li Wei 

Contemporary Asian Arts Week 

Fade To Black The Whitney Biennial 

Performa 05

Japanese Animee Expo 2005 and the Future of The World

The Rubin Museum of Himalayan Art 

Digital Avant Garde: Celebrating 25 Year of Ars Electronica 

From da Hood to da Whitney: 3 Artists From Williamsburg Make Good

American Effect = Death Threat: the Art of Saira Wasim

Life at the VSC 

The Fallacy of Utopia: the Art World and Current Dialect in Havana Cuba 


Breakthroughs in Light: The Work of Tony Martin 

Interviews with Alison Knowles July-October 2001 

Jeremy Owen Turner Avatar Music Performance In Second Life 

Subliminal Seduction Bora Yoon and Luke DuBoise at Roulette   

The Whole World Is Listening GlobalFest 

Mass Destruction At The Met: Dr. Atomic At the Metropolitan Opera

Funky But Sleek: Nik Bartschs Ronin Holon 

Azucar Celia: The Life and Music of Celia Cruz At the New World Theater

Ze Cats Meow: Pamela Z: New Strategies With DJ Spooky 

Argentinas Diamond Finally Mined: Geraldo Gandini 

Bow Becomes Breath: String Songs Meredith Monk

Cuba and Its Music November 2004

The Rebirth of DJ Spooky 

All Cage All the Time (With A Little Bit of Merce, Nam June, Shigeko and Charlotte 

Nik Bartschs Ritual Groove 

Spaulding Grey On Zen and The Downtown Theater Scene

Non-Stop Foreman

Descent Noemi LaFrance 

Sound Itself Is No Sound Meredith Monk  In Conversation Meredith Monk

Hail Baryshnikov: White Oaks Judson Dances At BAM

Stamps and Beats: Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg the Letters

The New Psychedelia

Chogyam Trungpa Biography: What Becomes A Legend Most?

Breaking Open His Head

Geisha: A Life

Sparks In Nevada

Strange Dark Places

Buddhism In Havana 

In Conversation Rikki Ducornet 

Anne Waldman

Jennifer Fox Is Flying


Time Out Beijing (2007-8)

Cai Guo Qiang Guggenheim Museum NY

AiWei Wei show, Mary Boone Gallery NY

12 Emerging Artists curated by Feng Boy Yi Beijing 

Geng Jianyi at ShangART Beijing

Shao Yinong at Art Channel Beijing

Cai Guo Qiang at National Museum of Fine Art Beijing

Japanese Mono-Ha BTAP Gallery

Denise Keele Bedford Imagine Gallery


NY Arts Beijing

Aftershock July-August 2007

Lin Jing Jing at Songzhuang Art Center December 2009

Cao Fei at Lombard Fried October 2009

Third Mind at Guggenheim February 2009


Art Critical

Miss Mao the Gao Brothers June 2009

Noemi LaFrance Agora II August 2009

Meredith Monk Impermanence at Banff September 2008

Beate Kuert YuanFen Gallery of New Media Beijing China 2008

Digitally Bloodless, Li Qin Tan YuanFen Gallery of New Media Beijing China 2009

Animix Sculpture Moon River Museum Beijing China 2009

Today Art Museum Beijing China 2009

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