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Review: "Brain Art" 


Is There A Place In Human Consciousness Where Surveillance Cannot Go? Noor: A Brain Opera

AI Comes of Age

The Rise of Russian Cosmism


OUTPUT: Translating Robots and Human Movers Across Platforms in a Sequentially Improvised Performance


Living With Robots


Is There A Place In Human Consciousness Where Surveillance Can't Go?

A Co-Lab On Developing Cyborg Arts


3D Opera

“After Darkness”: Southeast Asian contemporary art at Asia Society, New York

An Artist Run Non-Profit Helps Open Up Myanmar To Contemporary Art


"Hansel & Gretel”: the art of surveillance by Herzog and de Meuron with Ai Weiwei in New York

A Brief History of Contemporary Art In Myanmar

"Brain Opera" Performance Arts Journal (PAJ)

“Voice of the Thunder Dragon”: Bhutanese contemporary art in New York City

The Selected Letters of John Cage

From Slut Shaming to Systemic Racism, Indie Opera Tackles Timely Issues

Watching Election Results Roll In While Surrounded by Political Art

Rebooting a Landmark Series of Art and Technology Collaborations

The Prescient Work of an Artist Killed on 9/11

Paying Tribute to Moholy-Nagy with a Concert of Light and Sound

1,588-Foot-Tall Artwork Lights Up a Political Inferno in Hong Kong

Resurrecting the First VR Installation to Cross the Atlantic

Binging on Selfies and Regurgitating Money: The Best of Hong Kong's Art Fair Week

A New Hong Kong Museum Exposes China’s Censored Memories (Part 2)

A New Hong Kong Museum Confronts the Difficult History of Chinese Contemporary Art (Part 1)

After Decades of Silence, Myanmar's Artists Have A Chance To Speak

The Postcolonial Artist Who Founded Minimalism Before the Americans

At a Hanoi Prison Museum, A History Too Painful to Aestheticize

The brain as site-specific surveillant performative space

An Artist Persists In Syria in a Time of War

Complex and Gnarly Subjects at a Hong Kong Art Festival

Yoko Ono Finally Gets the Solo She Deserves

What China Doesn’t Want You to See: The Beijing Film Festival Comes to New York

Before the Fame: Yoko Ono's Early Years In New York

The Emergence of Video Processing Tools, Vol 1 & 2, Review

Human Performers and Toddler-Sized Robots, Dancing Side By Side

Listening Is the New Performing

I, Cyborg

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