ThoughtWorks Arts Residency


ThoughtWorks Arts Residency facilitates dialogue, partnership and collaboration at the intersection of technology and exploratory arts. By focusing on this synthesis the program empowers resident artists to make work  which inspires shifts in perspective and debate


President Art-A-Hack (TM)

Art-A-Hack (TM) is about art and technology together to make something new. It supports teams from a variety of disciplines including art, technology, hardware and software development, design, immersive environments, music, theater, animations, social justice and interactivity. The program matches participants selected from an open call according to skill level, interests and concept. Teams are provided with equipment, facilitation and collaborative workspaces through a network of partners. Each iteration of the program then culminates in showcases and promotion opportunities for the teams. 

Director Volumetric Society of New York

The Volumetric Society of New York, started in 2010 is about hacking, physical computing, VR/AR/MR and Immersion, Open Source, Natural User Interface, 3D, Machine Learning, Haptics, GPU Programming, Robotics, Brain Computer Interfaces, and collaboration between creative minds

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